Little Feet Behind Will Follow

ducklings-following-mother-mEverywhere I go my children are right behind me. (Dog included). If I go to the kitchen to put something away I must watch my step when backing up or turning around because if I don’t I’m sure to step on little fingers or toes. A trip to the bathroom is no different. When I go I have to leave the door open so my children don’t think it’s a free for all and destroy everything in the 3 minutes I’m behind a closed door. (It does happen). If I leave the door open they accompany me and filter through the cabinet whilst they blab and sing little ditties to themselves or me in my highly agitated-but-hiding-it state.

I began thinking as my daughter joyfully unrolled an entire roll of toilet paper just out of my reach while I sat helplessly on the toilet. I often think about my standings in their eyes and what they learn from me. I thought about how they followed every move I made no matter where it was even if their attentions were on other things and it reminded me of ducklings all in a row toodling after their mother. This in turn made me wonder about all the things I do that I don’t want them following me into. I gulped.

I know that it’s hard to always think about someone else when going about your every day routine, but moms, we have to remember that whatever “alligator, or hunter” we’re playing with day to day will soon become our children’s playground as well. As we all know alligators and hunters are a duck’s natural enemy and if we are skating around the enemy, playing with things we shouldn’t, our children will learn this behavior. For example, if you have a beer every day after work but never more than that, your child sees it. But maybe they grow up with a different genetic code and one beer a day isn’t good enough for them. Perhaps they pick up the habit of one beer a day from you but they end up addicted to alcohol because their genetics consist of alcohol addiction and one just doesn’t cut it after a while.

I don’t say this to judge us, but to warn us mothers about the paths we take because our little ducklings are right behind us every step of the way. Sometimes the hunters and ‘gators that haven’t caught us yet will catch our young.



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