Now I know what all the adults were thinking when y’all read the title of this blog but, no, I’m not talking about those kinds of toys my little freaks. I’m talking today about toys of childhood play. What makes a toy enjoyable to children? Is it a screen that fuels stimulation with brain games? Is it a ball or stick or something that provides kinetic play? Or maybe its an action figure or plush animal that sparks the imagination or provides comfort. Either way every child has their own subconscious reason for enjohing certain toys.
     Now me on the otherhand, I’m an adult. And you know what? I LOVE TOYS! So what? I bet my brand new plush frog purchased hours ago that some of y’all do too and you feel opressed by the weight of the world’s view of adulthood that you are no longer allowed to ride the maturity boat if you like toys. Well you know something, the water feels good outside that narrow little boat. You see maturity is not the boat, its your ability to swim thru the river of life and climb back into the  boat of responsibility when needed. So go ahead… have a swim. Play with toys!


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