Annoyances of Motherhood

Ok so we have all been there… the kids are throwing toys, one keeps dropping food on the floor, the other is on the counter where he knows he shouldn’t be and somebody left the bathroom door open so the baby is splishety-splashing in the crapper…. what do you do? (I usually take a nerve pill, read my Bible and pray I make it to bed time.) Some scream, some cry, some slump over and mumble under their breaths the many wonderful reasons they decided to have or keep their babies. Either way we all get annoyed and the June Cleaver Wannabe’s out there who say ghey dont are big fat liars that probably eat their feelings and purge after little Jimmy and Susie are tucked snug in their beds. The fact is, kids are annoying! They repeat things endlessly, follow dangerously close to a good toe smash should we turn around quickly, and they have no respect for privacy or personal space, noise levels or anyone’s needs but theirs. Yes. Children are irritating but thats ok! Say it! You’re not a bad parent! You can think your precious princess and bubbly boy are annoying and still love them just as much. That’s what true parents do, they love even when their children are being not so lovable. Husbands, when you get home from work dont get down on your lady because she’s sour, she’s been irritated to the point of volcanic eruption multiple times while you were gone! Other people who want to put moms down for being a bit flustered…. shut your mouths. Kids are annoying. And that’s ok.



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