College Life and Mothering

     The term is over and I am now free until Monday. I was stressing my face off for the past 12 weeks because I didn’t have enough time to read and do assignments and now I’m stressing my face off because I have a week off and it’s literally escaping!
     I attend Everest University online and let me tell ya that is one school that you should highly consider disregarding as an option if you require hands on learning and actual involvement from a professor. They dish out about 5 hours of reading per assignment per class so I take 3 classes a term and each week I have 6 assignments all together. So that’s at least 30 hours of reading alone. The professors are not involved at all except for sending links that provide “helpful information” when you ask a question via email…. because that’s the only choice for contacting them.
     Among all these other things we were moving to Kansas from Georgia midterm my kids are very young so there was just not a lot of time to read. It was really hard. I mean it’s one of the hardest things I’ve ever done and continued to do with commitment. I have wanted to quit many many times but knowing that I’d be giving up everything I’ve worked for thus far and being in butt loads of debt simultaneously just made me realize that of all the times I’ve been screwed i should know better than to screw myself.
     So here I am on my week off after chasing kids and doing papers having the best week I’ve had in 12 weeks…. I’ve caught up several times after getting weeks behind and now have a 4.0 GPA and yet I’m sitting here every day wondering what classes ill have next term while trying to figure out how much crap I can squeeze into this week. I’m torn between 2 worlds and although it’s hard to do work and chase diaperless kids down the hall while answering a phone and trying not to burn dinner, I almost can’t wait for my next classes. What is wrong with me?


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