Woman Hating


It has come to my attention through a series of articles by social media bloggers that the modern man seems to despise the modern woman. But neither gender minds taking their clothes off and inserting point A into slot B. Doesn’t that seem a little destructive to society to anyone else?
     Men kind of have a right to feel this way as I observe the rituals and ceremonies of mating and relationships. Women have taken on an appearance that is far from their natural selves and seek to appease the competition of other women rather than to attract men. Which is fine but don’t be upset when the men aren’t interested ya know?
     Another thing is, women are trying to hard to be like men now that there is no point picking a woman when a man could pick a fella instead and not have to deal with selfish and spoiled entitlement. Women today have bad attitudes. There’s that me me me me attitude that commands a naturally leading man to bow to her. That is difficult for anyone to deal with but girls a man can’t take that kind of abuse from a woman without feeling some kind of resentment. Ladies, when you respect your man he will love you enough to kiss your feet but if you force him to bend he will break in his masculinity and you have deprived him of his leadership.
     Sluts,  men do not want you if you do not command respect for yourself. However you let them treat you is how you will be treated. And trust me they will treat you as crappy as they can because just like you they are selfish. We are not an ornament or a toy. We are human beings with dignity and self worth. If we want men to see us this way we have to start acting like it. Come on ladies, show some class not ass.


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