The Predicament


     If you are a woman I’m sure you have at one point felt inferior to a man in your lifetime. Sometimes we already feel that way and then sometimes we are consistently and methodically beaten down into that mentality until we no longer feel a sense of independence or even self worth.
     The media has unrealistic views of what women should look like and I really want to emphasize unrealistic because we are the child bearers and with that come the most extreme bodily changes. Once the body has had a child -what’s more multiple children – its just never the same. Ladies who have had children can I get an AMEN? Yeah some people are freaks of nature and just zip right back up into those pre-baby jeans but the majority of us are left feeling much unlike ourselves and beaten up by society for it.
     Sure its nice to be beautiful when you’re a woman and its nice to be admired and recognized but the fact is we are more than that. We are more than just an embellishment to the male life force. We are the completion of the human race. If we prize ourselves only on beauty and outward things we are really depriving the world of what magical properties we have to offer. No matter what we do we will always be criticized by men because we are not them but have independence and individuality, we are not inferior or subordinate as they would like to believe. There is nothing we can do about the way sexist men view us except to do all that we do with demure, grace, peace, serenity, and class. Even a sarcastic rebuttal can be said with class and grace. Be poised and don’t allow our name as women to be soiled any further.
     The key to living past the beliefs of insensitive and hyper-insecure masculinity is to accept our roles as women (whatever you feel you have been called to do) and not be ashamed of it. Im a woman. Im not a man. So yes I do things differently and express my emotions. I will not feel inferior for that nor will I let a man make me feel as though I am a child or a problem because I am different than he. And you shouldn’t either. And always remember ladies… When its Classy vs Trashy, Classy always wins.

Brittany Featherstone


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