Shades and Blending


     Hi guys, just wanted to pop in and say hello as well as let those of you who see this that the art application I spoke of in my earlier blog (ArtFlow)  is serving well even without the license. If you purchase the license for 5.00 you can access everything on the app and use unlimited “undo” arrows. Since I was in a hurry because its very late i didn’t take the time to really put a lot of effort into this but as you can see there is a blending of shades here.
     At first one might think that art can still be made without blending and yes it most certainly can but to really capture the lighting and mixture of the shades blending is always the most ideal tool to have. I used 3 shades of gold for the nest and with the blending tool you can really mix all of those in a nice subtle way and cover up the brush strokes which sometimes do look a bit digital. You can also change the size of your blender on this app by clicking on the icon. It will give a few options on ways to change it which are pretty useful for different types of color mixing.
     So anyway short one today but hope you artists out there are making progress and getting closer to that ideal image you have pictured on your blank medium or that you are trying to recreate from another work. Hope this was helpful.

Brittany Featherstone


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