Sometimes I just need to draw how I feel. My husband and I moved to Georgia to Kansas for work where we know nobody. I am legally blind and can’t legally drive or get a license. All my basic needs depend on transportation that I am not able to provide and because of that our kids and I are always at home by ourselves even though my husband brings in good money. He works for 12-14 hours a day and naturally is very tired when he returns. I feel very alone and trapped every day. I have no one to talk to besides children who are too young to be burdened with my shortcomings. I know its nobody’s problem but mine and Im not looking for pity. Just to say, “Hey if there is anybody else out there who feels this way, you’re not alone.”  As an adult it’s very difficult for me to be confined and treated as a child because I need a chauffeur to perform basic tasks such as grocery shopping, crossing a busy street, reading small labels, or even seeing what my children are doing across the room. But I manage every day on my own. And try to do so with a good attitude. Hopefully someone else out there can relate and maybe I myself won’t feel so isolated and trapped.

Brittany Featherstone


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  1. Hi Brittany. Even consider whether your prescription or your visual habit could be driving your your myopia and astigmatism? Consider giving myopia rehabilitation a try. The Frauenfeld Clinic Archive provides a ton of infos on that front. Best of luck 😉


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