The Fact is I Need You


My pain is like an anchor
Your dock too far away
Held captive by my sin
I can’t call out to pray
Ashamed of things I do
Ashamed of things I think
If I don’t reach You soon
I fear I just may sink

The sea of sins and sirens
Are stronger than my will
My ears are full of beeswax
Yet lo I sail forth still
And dangers do await me
My death in darkness waits
For me till I am dashed upon
The rocks by mighty waves

Oh Lord my God, Creator
Seeing my despair
Take these weighty sins from me
Lead me to be spared
Take these thoughts of darkness
These pills and cigarettes
Fold me in your satchel
Cancel my regrets

You can make me whole again
You can breathe me clean
Restore to me my innocence
My soul can be serene
You can make me confident
That right is all I do
The fact is undeniable
My soul cries, “I need You”!

Brittany Featherstone


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