Ok this may sound a bit nerd-ish to some of my readers but… I really enjoy with my whole reservoir of happiness playing first person shooters such as the famous CallOfDuty franchise and Battlefield games. Anyway we don’t have to dwell on that but for the sake of art I wanted to share a first person shooter inspired piece of art that I just finished. Hopefully Im not too much of a complete nerd and I won’t lose the very few followers that I have. So without further ado : THUNDER:




Thunder is a fine piece of enemy obliterating equipment I thought up in my very own little brain. The alignment of the barrels is off but I ain’t gettin paid so whatever. Thunder is a fully automatic, revolving 13 barrel shotgun that pretty much will cause a black hole if ever invented and used. I named her thunder for obvious reasons. If its not obvious to you… Go try out a couple of rounds in a double barrel shotgun and see if you can hear yourself talk after that. Anywho hopefully somebody enjoys this. If not, no skin off my back. Ill have my head shoved right back into COD Advanced Warfare in about 5 minutes anyway where I will be as jolly as a roger.

Brittany Featherstone


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