Plastic Smiles

The world say they want the real thing
A real man, a real chick, a real friend
But tell em how it is and Oh man, real quick you will offend
Now take a seat and listen to me ‘fore ya pop off, knock off
I got some wisdom I could drop off.
The world say they cant stand fake smiles
Fake words, fake lines, fake people
But I been watchin and I read lies in facial features
And when I meet em
I expose the plastic walking around with the flesh
Im not the best or the greatest but my view is fresh
I see the smiles and excuses because we’re scared to express
Whats on our chest and nobody cares enough to guess
So for a second lemme break down a scenario
On the book of faces you got friends who say they lay down their lives for you
But if you call em up all suicidal they ain’t got time for you
The new motto is delete the ones who bringing you down
Only keep em around if they got jokes and they clown
Get rid of negativity at any expense
Regardless if it might be reaching out to your friends
To no extent should you tolerate less than a smile
But excuses run like nooses catchin necks for a mile
Nobody says what the truth is cuz it sews seeds of “drama”
That mean that everybody knows the truth but nobody wanna
Let it out.
People are so scared of friction.
It’s true some people take it too far like it’s an addiction
But disagreements can be solved appreciating our differences
It’s like adults who handle conflict well are straight of fiction
It’s like the world of kids and grown folk is steadily mixin
But what we need to do is take the time to shut up and listen
Im sick of spittin
But one more thing before I sign out
If a buddy calls you up and asks you to hang out
Instead of making up excuses cuz you don’t wanna go
There’s a thing people are scared to say and that word is “no”
Don’t tell a lie, don’t try to hide it, don’t try to apologize
If you feel a certain way just say it man it’s alright.
If I offended anyone I say sorry cuz I aint
Plaster your fake smile on and be on your way.


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