BooHoo Said the Man on his Own Plot of Land


Among the cries of the world I hear
It’s so sad they’re so hungry I wish I could help
You can I say strongly with all of our wealth
As a country we’re lucky to blessed with such health
Yet with all of our extras we submit others to death

What would a small sacrifice really cost
How much of your luxury would you have truly lost
To devote a few dollars even to the hunger abroad
Or even here in our nation where we’re led on by frauds
To believe everything will work out for the the best
Nay I say America! I detest I detest!

Think for one second if by chance it were you
Who were dealt the short stick and were born with so few
Posessions or clothing, family or food
What would you do?
What would you do?

You would curse those with so much
Who reach out so little and pray with your lips so dry and so brittle
That God would hear you with the voice you have wittled
Out of air and hunger and a thirst without spittle
He will hear those who call for the poor do not die in vain
The rich are held accountable for the poor who’ve been slain

They will not go unnoticed
The Lord hears their somber cries in His heart
Making account for each one who could give but chose not
And the places below for our souls will be hot
For the love of mankind is all He asks from his tots
His infants and brethren to care for each other
He said treat them all as sister and brother

The babes of the rich chew on gizmos and gadgets
Which could save lives free bodies from parasitical maggots
As children are filled with ascaris and mange
The western world trots along with lives so estranged
But they are as we, just dealt different hands
If it were you would you be inclined to stand?
If it were you would you still be your own man?
If it were you would you make excuses for this land?
If you were starving would you?

See people can say what they want to about America, we have homeless people here and we have starving people here but at least there is shelter, clean water, and food items which CAN be found if need be. Worst case scenario here is best case scenario there. If you take a child with no parents up to a hospital here and hand them over to child care services because they are full of parasites, something will be done about it and they will be sent somewhere to live. In other countries such as Africa children are infested with worms with little to no hope for survival and the medical care is scarce or none at all. The land is unyielding and the country is poor. Everyone wants to come to America because our land produces so much. It’s only natural. If you want people to stay where they are you have to take accountability for the human race as part of your own people no matter what nationality or creed and provide them the means to sustain themselves where they are. They’re only doing hwat they have to do to survive. And they don’t care what you say because the box they crawled out of to come here is far worse than the hurtful words you use to cut them down. I’m not saying we should do for everyone and not have them do for themselvs, but there are ways to provide other countries with fresh water and supplies to keep them where they are and healthy being there as well. If you looked down and saw your oldest child hoarding all the food and water from your youngest child to the point of severe illness or death would you not be angry and distribute it accordingly as well as punishment for the older child? It’s coming. Trust me and it won’t be pretty. There are also ways to sponsor children. I found several ways on the internet. If  you seach you can find ways to help the growing epidemic. I encourage all of us to think, what if it were you? Because it just as easily could have been but it wasn’t. God blessed you but he also is holding you accountable for sharing the blessing.

Thanks for reading.



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