Nursing School

     College is such a sticky subject. In this world full of information and technology at our fingertips, programs, grants and scholarships handed out to anyone willing to sign up for the lifetime of debt repayment it seems it would be unwise not to take the opportunity to obtain a higher education. I’ve been flip-flopping around with my majors for about 5 years now myself because the fact is: If you’re going to pay a sum of money back for the majority of your life why not make sure you’re getting a degree in a field that you’ll truly enjoy working in? I don’t want to be stuck in a job market that I can’t stand or pay back loans for the rest of my life doing a job I regret being educated for. I love school and honestly wish I could just make a living out of going to school and taking classes that interest me throughout my lifetime but that’s unrealistic for most and doesn’t pay the bills.
     Technically if I could still work a job I could go to school for the rest of my life in the state of Texas because I graduated out of the foster care system and graduated the PAL program (preparation for adult living) which awarded me with a tuition waiver for any public college in Texas for the rest of my life which I’m thankfully taking advantage of. BUT I have children and responsibilities that require me to obtain my education and get a job and support my family which I will gladly do. I simply can’t decide what it is that I want to spend my time doing in return for wages to support them.  I finished my pre-reqs at Angelina College in Lufkin, Texas and began studies for Criminal Investigations at Everest University. Upon signing up I informed the admin that I am legally blind and asked if this would impair my ability to do this job or find one upon graduating. I was answered with easy reassurance. After spending a year in the program and loving every minute of it I came across some material in a text book which sparked concern over my notes being taken seriously in court. Investigative notes would be called into question every time in a court of law by an investigator who was visually impaired enough she couldn’t drive legally. Not only was my heart broken at the loss of my dream but I was also in debt up to my eye balls for a degree I could not use.
     Now here I sit mulling over opportunities and wondering what I can do that will benefit my family as well as others. I guess now you’d say I’m looking at Nursing School. I’d like to acheive my RN and work in Labor and Delivery. It’s not exactly creative thinking or solving world hunger but it’s a service to others and I already take care of people all day at home so it wouldn’t be out of the ordinary for me. I am however nervous at how difficult nursing school is, the challenges nurses face and the double shifts, crazy hours, rude patients, if the pay is worth the tasks involved. I’d like some insight from nurses out there doing the work, living it, those who have been there and love it and those who have quit it because they hate it. So if you’ve made it to the end of this blog, please leav me any advice or words of wisdom you may have on this subject, I’d gladly read it all and accept. The classes on the registry appear to be mostly things I’m very intrigued with and highly interested in but I know doing the job and taking the classes are very different. So let the comments pour forth.

Thanks For Reading!



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