Shadows of the Steeple


     There has been an age old battle between good and evil, between the flesh and the spirit, between the mind and the heart since the beginning of the fall of man in the garden of Eden. Throughout time there has been a great divide between the believers and the non-believers and each sit on thrones accusingly pointing fingers in the faces of each others’ opponents. But the truth is, for those of us who believe, the only opponent we have is evil itself. Non-believers see us as hypocritical, Bible-thumping, judges because of OUR actions as a whole. More and more people are being turned off by the idea of God because the people who represent Him are not representing Him.
     I don’t say these things to offend, point fingers, place blame or call out anyone or any organization in particular, but it’s plain to see everywhere these days that those who stand behind the name of God are acting upon principles far from what He ordained. There is judging, hatred, quarreling, obsceneties, profanity, hypocricy, sexual immorality and the allowing or permitting of these things to happen within a church that are turning people out the doors never to return. We will be held accountable for these things. An older sibling is responsible for bringing a younger sibling in danger back to Mom and Dad and the simple truth of today is that we are sending our “younger siblings” out into the streets and away from safety by our words and actions.
     This country was founded on the Christian belief system and over time, slowly but surely, it has not died so much as it has been discredited because those who claim to be Christians are in bars on the weekends showing their boobs, screaming profanities, turning churches into a talent competition or best dressed show, showing favoritism, and witholding love and compassion from those in lesser positions. It’s sad because these people are all souls that are in need of the one and only savior, Jesus Christ, whom some may never come to again by choice because they have been turned away by those who claim to be His representitives. I’ve been to several churches like these myself and if I had not been raised up in a church where God truly dwelt I may never have kept searching for a church home to be planted. Some of these people who are coming in to the churches of today have never been before, therefore one bad example can set them off on a road not to Christ, but instead toward His adversary!
     Now I am no holy roller. I am not perfect and I don’t always do as I should, and for that I pray to God that He will continue working on me. But I want to be better and the best way to be better is by showing the love of Christ to others. I try to extend my hand in any way I can and I’m not always successful or sometimes I become afraid and hold my mouth shut. For this I am convicted, but I speak as one who has experienced the judgemental church-societies of today and for that reason am skeptical to join another church myself. It makes my heart swell with infection. It makes my innermost core hurt. That so many will be lost to the eternal darkness because people who claimed to know God turned them away into the darkness. It has to stop. The blood of the non-believers is on our hands, folks. I’m not condemning or judging anyone, I mean to say this to help us, myself included, there is much work to be done in this world to keep us from letting all of it go to hell. Some don’t want the gospel, and that’s their choice, don’t judge, don’t hate, let them make their choice and shake the dust off your feet and move on. But there are many who want the truth, who want the light, who want the everlasting love and life and we are the hands of compassion and love. Let us caress with them in appropriate ways rather than beat or molest with them. We can change the numbers and we can change lives.

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