Lance It

Sometimes I just wanna let loose
Pull my neck outside of this noose
Sometimes I just wanna start over
Move to a beat a little bit slower
I chose this path, I picked this hand
It’s not so hard to understand
That I made my bed, I spread these sheets
I realize that my mind was weak
I made mistakes that I regret
Some that I know I’ll never forget
Until my death they’re in my head
A few times I fell in a sea of red
But I’m up, I’m out, I rose above
I found out what it was like to be loved
And love back, it’s harder said than done
But words are bullets in a gun
Now I sit on top of my mound
Of the dirt I piled on a hardened ground
Rock by rock grain by grain
I built my castle out of love and pain
Brick by brick stone by stone
My deepest secrets locked inside my bones
Sometimes I just wanna break em open
Sometimes I just wanna stop this hoping
And living and giving and falling apart
Sometimes I just wanna break this heart
Forgive me Father for I have sinned
I want to scream everything I hold within
And bleed out
Weed out
All these toxins
Before I end up in a nailed up coffin
But I’m afraid to cut it
Thinkin’ bout what ifs
What will I do if you send me back runnin’
Straight to hell where I probably belong
How can I let out this soul cry song
Every day I dream I’ll chance it
Bring out the scalpel and lance it.

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