Adapting to Change


     We’ve all heard it.. “Back in my day I had 6 kids and they all respected everyone and played outside all day and never gave me a lick of trouble.” “When I was a kid, Mama used to send us outside to play and we were just fine, it’s not gonna kill ’em to go play outside while you get some things done around the house.” “Kids need to be outside, they’ll never learn anything cooped up on video games all day.” While almost all of the points in these statements I agrre with, the statements are not the problem. I’m not by any means condoning that children should always be inside or toodling their lives away on electronics all the time. My point with these opening statements is this: The world has changed. Our parents and their parents had it easier in a way because times were simpler. Simple is always easier. Don’t confuse convenience and luxury with ease.
     Our parents and their parents could have 24 kids and put them to work, they could beat their asses when they were rude and disrespectful and put them back in line. In fact, if you didn’t back then, you were frowned upon as a softy! Now days we’re supposed to refrain from spanking them, attend to their every whim and God forbid you send kids outside to play now because there are pedophiles on every street corner just waiting for unattended children. The fact is, folks, society thinks our children are supposed to be shoved up our rectums and allowed to do as they please, yet the school systems complain when the kids are unruly and have zerio respect. How much sense does this make??? Having trouble with this question? That’s because it doesn’t make any.
     Our jobs as parents besides providing basic needs and love is guiding our children and teeaching them how to be successful and productive adults. We are to teach them respect, discipline, compassion, endurance, consequence, and proactiveness. It’s difficult to do these things when people have their noses shoved so far in your business you can’t walk without people behind you making sure you’re walking correctly and we sure can’t do anything with our kids if they’re constantly in danger of predators lurking in every shadow and sometimes even in broad daylight. It’s high time we started taking our families back and stopped the fear of someone swooping in and deeming us unfit for a reasonable and appropriate spanking. It’s time we began to educate our children on the actual dangers of the world instead of making them believe this world is a good and friendly place. It’s not. Stop fooling them. You are not protecting them by sheltering them from the truth. They need to be shown and told of the things that people do to children and that it can be anyone. It can be someone they least expect. Kids are vulnerable and kids who are vulnerable AND spoiled will amount to nothing other than fresh meat. It sounds harsh but it’s true. The way things were even 10 years ago is no longer and it never will be again. It only gets worse as the generations grow to be more entitled and selfish. As families break apart. As emotional trauma runs rampant.
     This age is much different than the age of our parents and grandparents. It’s time we started acting like it rather than treating it as the same old good and wholesome America that used to be. When something evolves (even for the worse) you can no longer treat it as its predecessor or previous stage. You have to evolve with it or suffer the consequences. There can be no pity for those who see change but refuse to make necessary adjustments. We have to protect our families.


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