The New Generation of Feminists


     When feminism began to bud in its glory days it was about woman, possessing the same capabilities of man. It was about us females representing the same value or worth as our male counterparts. Feminism used to be about us ladies being equal to men but not the same. Allow me to provide an example. Todd is your typical male at the time of early feminism and Jane is a young lady who wants to be treated equally.

Todd: Hey, Jane, what are you doing at the Library? Looking for the cookbooks? They’re over there.
Jane: No, Todd, I’m actually looking for the newest articles on the science of weather and wind patterns for an Honors Society presentation.
Todd: Why would you wanna waste your time on that? You’re pretty and if you learn to cook like the rest of the girls you can have a husband that will Take care of you.
Jane: Oh I know I could, Todd, but I like science and I’m good at it. It’s interesting. I’d rather work for myself and do what makes me happy.
Todd: Well that’s silly. Why waste a perfect opportunity to live an easy life? Girls are weird.

     Now take the same scenario in the year 2015 and you will observe a completely different dialogue. This time we will observe Todd’s great grandson Trey and Jane’s great granddaughter Jayla. Trey is an average male that “doesn’t see what the big deal is” and Jayla is a modern femin



.      Trey is just trying to make his way in the world doing typical male things: walking around bumping into things and looking for food. Trey wishes to oppress no one and doesn’t feel like he is or that anyone is oppressing him. . . until. . . he comes across a modern day feminist. Trey feels that he has walked up on an injured animal and it is looking for the first chance to bite him. He immediately assumes an apologetic demeanor so as not to stir up the wrath of Shrek. However even though Trey submits and looks for an opportunity to escape the feminist has set her victimised sites on the unsuspecting presumed womanizer. Jayla is not only not Trey’s type, but he sincerely believes that she can’t possibly be anyone’s type! Still, Trey takes the sneering defensive hellfire Jayla reins down on him because he mistakenly left his eyes open as she approached him. It was too late. The modern day feminist had already accused Trey of raping her with his eyes.
     Just the thought of raping Jayla with anything made him vomit slightly but Trey was a trooper and choked it back down as he eventually passed going back about his business.
     You see my point here? The Feminism of today is more highly focused on hating men for noticing attractive qualities of females but also hating them If they don’t notice. Man-ladies, what the dealio? You HAVE equal rights. Men are not trying to rape you when they look at your butt. You wanted them to look when you wore those yoga pants anyway so don’t play. If you don’t want man to find you attractive there are ways to make that happen, yet day after day you make up your face, bust out the cleavage and the pants? The pants just become more and more transparent.
     Not only are you antagonizing your own imaginary oppression, but you’re oppressing your male counterparts and then attempting to manipulate the poor simple creatures into feeling guilty about it. Feminism today is the epitome of, “I’m a little princess I can do what I want, and you can either cater to me or I will make you look and feel like an asshole.”
     Also, although men are not animals and practice self control, prancing around showing your mating colors and reprimanding a male for responding is the same concept as taunting a lion with a steak. Why would you want to? Even if the lion could practice self control and refrain out of care for the steak, why would you take pleasure in teasing it? Everyone has instincts. Even you, with your penis-envy and bitterness. Bet if a guy with 200 million walked by all the feminists would suddenly become a willing sammich maker. 😉 See ladies, just hearing the word “million” got your mouths watering.
     I say all that to say this: if you are a woman who claims to be a feminist and you are angry with men because you think you’re looked at as an inferiority just remember that throwing a fit about it and becoming a miserable cunt won’t make you equal. Because you already are equal. But your complex that burns to be superior to men makes you appear small, weak, and insecure.
     In short, I hate the new generation of Feminists because they’re in fact typical females claiming not to be. They can’t decide what they want and they fuel the very fires that they claim to be trying to put out. Just another group in 2015 that wants something to complain about, somebody to owe them, and the opportunity to feel victimised. Here you go femmies… This one’s for you. 


Bye Felicia.


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  1. This is somewhere between a strawman and being right.

    Staring is rude and so is commenting on a person’s body out of the blue. There’s no room for such vulgarity.

    But yes, I have met the “stop being attracted to me!” but this isn’t just feminism. In a society where males are expect to start the conversation, they are more active and aggressive. Women will gain much more attention. They take it for granted. They whine about “Stop wanting to know me because I play Skyrim too!” while having no idea what it’s like to be alone.

    They complain about people being attracted to them because they’re a stranger to loneliness.

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