Human Slaughterhouse


In case you didn’t know, the first trimester of pregnancy is not simply hosting a “ball of cells” inside a uterus. The fetus has limbs, flanges, a face and very soft but very present and discernable skeletal structure. The fetus in this photo was ripped apart and sucked out of its home and the only environment where it could develop into a self sustainable creature. He or she had no choice.


These are the body parts ripped off of Human sapplings while still alive and thriving. They are not very big, but as you can see they have fingers, toes and bones and are covered by flesh. Just like the flesh that covers your body. That sends signals to your brain allowing you to read this. Only by the mercy of your parents were you allowed to continue growing enough to do so.


Drs and medical officials claim that this is not a baby. That because it wasn’t allowed to evacuate the premises it is not actually a person. If this baby is just organic matter, who’s to say any one of us aren’t just the same and also should be murdered and harvested for parts? I’m going to take a wild guess and say this tender brand new infant didn’t choose to be sawed up like tuna and picked for the “good stuff”.


If this person was allowed to pass thru the birth canal, he or she wouldn’t have been slaughtered. Because then it would be murder.


Imagine That you are sitting at home, watching your favorite tv show, sleeping, reading a book, or eating dinner. Now imagine that as you do this you are suddenly grasped by a limb and the limb is completely ripped off. Then imagine that as you are screaming and begging for help and mercy, whatever or whomever you rely on for protection and support is behind the device that is shredding you like cheese.


And then you’re tossed out like soiled toilet paper. . .


Hoarded in vats of decaying flesh. This done to you by the very one who created you.


Now you’re much more valuable. The limbs and innards that were ripped off and out of you are now worth money. Unfortunately your life was worth nothing to those like you. But your flesh can be bought and sold.

Would this be your choice?


Oh America, Land of the free (to kill and sell our own kind) and home of the brave (enough to go to battle against a defenseless citizen and take a life). You slaughter your future generations and manufacture the processed foods and slow-killing vaccines out of your dead in an attempt to kill the living. What truly evil geniuses you are. And people say that America is the greatest land of them all, but at what expense? The Human Slaughterhouse worships its currency and forsakes its citizens. And why not? We can do what want. ‘Merica.


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