The Echo


So the endless loop of hell begins. A never ending circle of misery and pain. Where could I go but where I’d already been? Long after the souls of those I loved had ascended, here I stayed. Sentenced to an eternity of repeating yesterday. The torture inflicted upon me by the echo, it’s a punishment justly deserved but agonizingly unbearable. I can not live with myself, yet I am neither living nor do I have the privilege of choosing my company. Therefore I cannot even take my own life to escape the pain anymore than I can avoid my own company. Befitting I suppose. It’s the fault of no one but my own that I am imprisoned in the hole of dark matter I created here.






Once again I ebb through the empty corridors and abandoned staircases, seeping along the decrepit halls like a noxious fume. My very presence, or what’s left of it, permeating the once fresh air with death and shame. Moving along the circuit of our home the searingly painful echoes of my family bounced off the farthest reaches of the physical plane and destroyed me upon their return. My wife’s screams as I lost my self control and beat her lovely face into soup with my barbaric fists. Swirling around my skull and then boring through deeply and with the intent to inflict immortal injury.



Forced by God to wander into the empty parlors and sitting rooms the eternal  echoes of my children’s panicked and desperate screams as they called for the very one who broke their little bodies and released their souls back to the Lord. They called for their Daddy. But Daddy lost his temper. Daddy was angry at the whining and fighting and complaining. And now Daddy would do anything at all under all the infinite stars to hear it all again.

And the echoes of it all surround me again. This is what I did. This is what I did. This is what I did. This is what I did. . . .

“Look what you did to us, Daddy… Look what you did.”

Echo. Echo. Echo. Echo. Echo.


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