How can I satisfy the hunger, the appetite, the longing? How can I quench this thirst? The craving of flesh, of savage and yet sensual fulfillment? It writhes inside, clawing, gnawing, almost painful. An insatiable lust that can never be satisfied.


Mouth watering at the thought of taking what I want, I imagine repeatedly what lessons I’d teach, what things I may learn. The soft touching of discovery. Two souls which have never and must never… Explore. Taste.


Young and inexperienced. The longing to take breath from lungs swells in my breast. Fingertips finally discovering what lies beneath. Face me and release your inhibitions. Thirst and be quenched. Show me your vulnerability and I will protect you.


Young and sculpted artfully crafted. Let me take you into a softer place. Let me put your mind at ease and your body to use.



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