How Great Thou Art

     If you are or have ever been a college student I’m sure you have experienced at one time or another a sense of misdirection or uncertainty about your future. I’m almost certain we all ask, “What am I good at? What was I meant to be? What was I meant to do? What direction should I finally make my mind up about and commit to?”. If not, congratulations you had your poop in a group already and have followed thru with your life plan. It must feel amazing to know what you want and who you are. For the rest of us, college can end up being a mile-wide string of random classes because “I’m not sure that’s what I really wanna do”.
     After pursuing and almost obtaining a degree in criminal investigations and CSI, completing almost all of my prerequisites, I was brought back around and around to the very point that people have been trying to make since I was a child. I’ve heard over and over, “You should go to school to become an artist. Professionally.” “You could make a living off of your art.” “You should go to art school.” Of course I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t deny common sense and go the complete long way around but without all the autobiographical details that’s exactly where I ended up. Art major. But here’s the thing, today I had a revelation.
     Today I had my first geology class. In my program of study it’s required to have a science class and I happen to have a fascination with minerals and other smashed up and pressed tight materials so Geology just made sense. Little did I know that a revelation was just around the corner waiting for me.
     As we discussed the ways that rocks are made and why it’s important for humans to know these things I began to look around at the different specimens of rocks and minerals and gems. I began to see with more than just my eyes the time that had passed and I began to feel the earth and all she had been thru, empathize with her as if she was a fully aware and conscious being. I began to feel the energies from the materials. The natural events and divine purpose for them seemed to flow from my fingertips to an untapped memory that didn’t exist. I had often asked myself how an artist like myself could be interested so much by sedentary and inanimate objects.
     The moment I placed my hands on the different types of specimens I surged with the realization that this planet is art. Not only does it serve a purpose but it is also beautiful, remarkable, unmatched. A 3 dimensional design with dynamic components and sustainability, the only one of its kind out of unfathomable numbers… My jaw began to clench as I thought about how important the study of the planet is. But most of all, it became clear to me that the Lord chose that moment to say, “This is what I have made you. You are an artist. Look, I make things too.”
     So here I am with two points to make: the first point is that you should follow the reaching of your soul. When it reaches for its purpose, do not deny it. The second point is: if you need a science class for your degree plan, you should give Geology a thought. The name sounds boring and the thought of rocks sounds quite uninteresting as well, but I assure you, if you are more than a superficial being you will appreciate the true art of geology.








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  1. What a lovely post! I do find myself asking that question – and I know I’m not the only one.


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