Refined By Fire

Throughout life human beings from all places, all creeds, all tribes face one thing on a consistent basis and that is change. Many question it and rightfully so because change is not always pleasant but most certainly always present. When change isn’t pleasant it can still yield pleasant results and that is where the weighing of worth comes in.

My entire life has been a maze of dodging that which posed too great a time consumption and too great a demand for conscious effort. However I feel that this maze if played this way indefinitely will only filter the runner into a leached bed of “what was left” and I think anyone with a thinking mind would agree.

Recently I came to the experience of a design class where I have been faced with the task of finishing something very difficult and not only difficult in a problem solving type of way but also very time consuming. My instructor responded to my sass in very equally sassy ways and we have come to the conclusion that I’m just not going to learn anything else until I learn how to finish something difficult. Amidst all of my other very important and time consuming activities he extended my deadline to the rest of the semester with the requirement of it being seamless. Flawless. Without sought after negative comment in a critique. I didn’t want an F so I naturally took the agreement.

And it reminded me that many beautiful things come from refinement by fire. Obsidian comes from Mg and Fe rich basaltic lava flows. . . molten, compressed, released, cooled. It all depends on how you react to change, pleasant or not, as to what you will become. And you have to be careful with that because when you become something else, you lose what you were before. Let the fire refine you and then cool into something beautiful.


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