The Word “Drama” Is Over Used

How many times have you seen quotes like these while galavanting through the internet: “I keep my circle small”, “I’m not antisocial I just don’t like drama and fake people.”, “I don’t have time for people because I don’t have time for drama.” Chances are if you’ve internetted today you’ve seen something as such at least 67.4 billion times because that’s all people talk about now. I feel like this is becoming another way for people to be “different” but everyone is doing it which in turn makes them actually quite “basic”. This is what I want to say to every person on the “small circle” band wagon.

A. Someone disagreeing with you is not classified as drama. If you post something in a group that doesn’t yield the opinion you were fishing for, if you share an opinion in public with your peers and others dispute your opinion respectfully with reason and rationality this is not classified as drama. If a person who is under the impression that you are friends with him or her comes to you with personal issues in hopes that you may offer comfort or advice this is also not classified as drama. These things are all part of a thing called THE REAL WORLD where other humans besides yourself live and breathe with feelings and needs much like yours.

B. Having a small circle doesn’t make you a boss. It’s not difficult to cut everyone off and just live for yourself. It doesn’t take balls. It doesn’t take courage. It doesn’t take any amount of effort at all. What DOES take effort and courage and sizable testicles is continuing to love people or tolerate people despite how stupid you may think they are. (That’s not to say keep users and abusers around because it’s nice, you have to protect yourself from dangerous and cancerous situations.) Keeping regular people outside your personal boundaries because you don’t have time to worry about other people’s feelings isn’t some thug nasty response to life, it’s the response everyone has and is another reason why the world we live in is so shitty. Congratulations for adding to the mess you complain about every day. *applause*

C. Let’s take a moment to answer a brief quiz auestion: How many times a day do you disagree with something? Anything at all? If you answered “A ton.” congratulations! That’s a normal human response. How many times out of those times you disagreed did you say something about it? If you answered “Never.” that makes you a hypocrite because then by your own standards you are in fact fake. If you answered “Sometimes” or even “All the time” that makes you the drama starter. You see how nobody wins in either of these questions? That’s because nobody wins if people are labeled undesirable things by other undesirable-thing-doing people who deny doing these undesirable-things like everyone does.Wake up call… If nobody is disagreeing with you in your life, you’re surrounded by fake people. I know it’s hard to believe that everyone doesn’t just agree with everything you say and every opinion you have but the contrary is true. People will always disagree. No group of people in the history of mankind has ever agreed on everything all the time. Sorry to break it to you, but the people you say are your bffs probably get together behind your back on the weekend and talk about all the things you don’t agree with without you because they’re afraid to talk about it with you because you don’t like drama and fake people.

I was going to go on to point G but let’s conclude this with: Life is messy and full of surprises and grit which often involves getting involved with other people. People will not always agree with what you say and respectfully so. A normal ride that’s not KY smooth is not drama. Rape is drama. Aggressive stalking is drama. Your cousin copulating with your grandpa in the midst of Grandma’s final days as everyone argues over the inheritance is drama. People disagreeing with you or having opinions other than yours are REAL. That’s real life. Voicing them is a right which you also possess. Humans need each other so if someone comes to you with issues lend an ear. You’ll need it too someday. Being cold means you lost. The world one. And you are just like everyone else, Blurry Face.



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